The Membership

An employer partnership to support employees with cancer.

How We Serve Our Members

Tailored Cancer Benefits Strategy

Cancer Study Group works with members to audit existing benefits and lay out possible next steps to find every cancer early, get patients to the right experts, and support employees with the disease.

Members are encouraged to request custom research projects on any cancer-related topic.

Frontier Series & Working Sessions

Group sessions on the cancer frontier, highlighting cutting-edge thinking in employer and union cancer care:

Winter 2021: Racial Disparities in Cancer Care
‍Understanding racial disparities in cancer and what employers can do about them.

Spring 2021: Breakthrough Cancer Treatments
Understanding cancer breakthroughs and how to make sure employees get access to them.

After each session, Cancer Study Group convenes a working group with employers and unions who want to make changes related to the quarterly topic.

Custom Claims Analytics

Custom claims data analytics and reports on cancer in a member's population, delivered via Tableau dashboards and slide presentations. Our analyses answer pertinent questions:

Where do your employees go for cancer care?
Do your employees reach the right experts?
What might we do to get each employee to the right expert?

For more on our custom claims analytics, see the Cancer Command Center.

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