Cancer Command Center

Custom analytics on cancer in your population.

Core Challenge

One of the hardest problems facing employers is ensuring that employees with cancer reach the right experts for diagnosis and treatment. Most employers have no line of sight into where their cancer patients are going for care and whether or not they are reaching the right expert.

Our Work

Cancer Study Group performs in-depth analyses of members’ de-identified claims data to determine where each employee with cancer seeks care and whether that employee reached a hospital with adequate expertise for the disease. Based on the problem areas we find in member populations, we suggest strategies to guide each patient to the right expert.

Example Deliverables

Cancer Population Study
Right Expertise Mapping
Custom Analyses
Cancer Study Group creates custom dashboards for employers and unions so that these groups can visualize the trends and problems in their population.
From over two years of compiled research and interviews from the field's leading experts, Cancer Study Group has created a "Right Expertise" mapping. The figures to the right show a visualization of this mapping applied to a sample population. You can see where patients went when they were at the "Wrong Place," down to the individual hospital.
Beyond geographic trends, Cancer Study Group can analyze treatment events, insurance plan type, and more to create targeted strategies for its members.

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