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Our Work

Cancer Study Group is a membership of the largest companies and unions in the country – groups that care deeply about supporting their employees through cancer. We partner with these employers to study cancer in their populations, and to help them build world-class cancer benefits and support for their employees.

Cancer is Caught Too Late

Most cancers are caught after Stage 1, greatly reducing the odds of treatment success.

How can we catch cancers earlier?

  • Implement Innovative Screening Strategies: targeted communications, partnerships with screening providers, on-site screenings
  • Evaluate (and Introduce) New Technologies: New technologies promise to catch many more cancer early. Potential to catch more than just prostate, lung, breast, colorectal, and cervical cancers early
Our assignment: Study the best practices to increase cancer screening rates and introduce employers to the next generation of screening technologies.

Patients Fail to Reach the Right Expert

Decisions at the beginning of the treatment journey can be life and death.

How can we get each patient to the expertise that will give them the best shot?

  • Clinical Research: With top oncologists, learning where each patient needs to go for their diagnosis and treatment in order to get their best shot.
  • Tracking Patient Paths: Finding patients failing to reach the right expert, and identifying ways to get them there
Our approach: Map the path of every cancer patient in a population to pinpoint patients who do not reach adequate expertise; work with members to find solutions to get every patient to the right expert.

Life During Treatment is Extremely Burdensome

Cancer patients face a large list of challenges as they live with the disease.

How might we reduce the burdens of daily life during this tough time?

  • Managing cancer at work
  • Paying for cancer care
  • Maintaining mental health

Our members hope to lighten the load.

Our work: Find the best strategies for employers and unions to make life more manageable for cancer patients.

100+ Interviews with Expert Oncologists

Leading oncologists at top centers are the best source of truth on the frontier of cancer. Through over 100 conversations with the nation's top oncologists, we collected the smartest thinking on where each patient should go for care.

140+ Deep Discussions with Cancer Patients

Employers and unions agree that patients should be at the center of this work. We talked to over 140 employed cancer patients, doing hour-long conversations on what support they would like from employers and plans.

80+ Best Practice Interviews with Employers and Unions

Some of the best ideas originate from benefits teams themselves; across the last two years, we have interviewed dozens of employers and unions on their cancer support strategies.

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